SeedSAT’s uses a combination of approaches to collect the information necessary for the assessment. Throughout the beta design period, these methods are in continuous refinement. These include:

  • Desk research, including existing reports and data from TASAI, WB EBA, BPAT, and A2si, among others
  • Current knowledge from AGRA seed systems, policy, and agro-dealer programs and BMGF Country Managers
  • Document requests that are consolidated where appropriate across thematic areas to avoid duplication (i.e. national policies, strategies, laws, regulations, annual reports, etc.) where appropriate
  • Surveys that will be administered by telephone interviews, SMS polling, and perhaps by CATI (call-center computer-assisted telephone interviews)
  • Questionnaires and guided interviews administered directly by subject matter expert assessors because they require “on-the-fly” adjustments to questions